The aim of styling your property for sale is to present it in the best possible light, maximising the property's features and benefits. Creating excitement and selling a desirable lifestyle, to get the best possible sales price. 

There is a reason property developers create a show home, they understand that a lot of people can't visual how an empty room could come to life or that an empty room looks smaller to the untrained eye. You can now take advantage of this industry secret by having a styling professional work with you on your property sale. We offer serves to fit any requirement and budget from from de-cluttering and styling tips to full property make over. 



Empowing you to DIY

We'll work with your existing furniture to create a custom styling plan. This will include style direction tips, a mood board, property photography guide, suggestions on key pieces to buy and advice on styling your property.


We'll give you the confidence to go it alone and get great results.  


Adding to your existing key pieces

Make the most of your existing style and furniture. Our styling team will come in and bring your property to life.

Working in consultation with you we'll rearrange what you have and bring in complimentary key pieces. Any items that don't work with the desired look and feel will be removed and stored for the duration of your campaign.


You get fantastic results without doing the heavy lifting. 


Custom style for your property

You won't have to worry about a thing when you let our stylists take care of everything for you. We'll take your empty property and dress every room, to create a dream home and get as many buyers as possible vying for your place. Our stylists will transform your property from top to bottom to create an aspirational lifestyle in your buyer's mind. If necessary we can also organise a cosmetic facelift such as painting and new carpet.


We'll create the 'wow factor' whilst you sit back and relax. 

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